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Louisiana creole culture

In present Louisiana, Creole generally means a person or people of mixed colonial French, African American and Native American ancestry. The term Black Creole refers to freed slaves from Haiti and their descendants. How did Creoles get to Louisiana?.

In colonial Louisiana the term "Creole" was used to indicate New World products derived from Old World stock, and could apply to identity, architecture, and food ways. Regarding identity, Creole historically referred to those born in Louisiana during the French and Spanish periods, regardless of their ethnicity. Chenier was a French-Creole-speaking native of Leonville, Louisiana, just outside of Opelousas. This genre of music that Chenier and others played was at first unnamed—arbitrarily referred to as just Cajun and Creole music. One of Chenier’s most popular songs titled “Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés” derives from an old French-Creole.

The term "Creole" in Louisiana today is most used to identify racially/ethnically mixed people many of whom shun identification with Black culture, Blackness and/or Africa and slavery.

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. Louisiana has one of the most colorful histories and cultures in the United States. The region was colonized by France and settled by Africans, Spanish and Caribbean folks until eventually being sold to America in 1803 under the Louisiana Purchase. As such its population has large Cajun and Creole communities that greatly influence the food.

A traditional Louisiana Creole soup that includes seafood, chicken, okra, and other vegetables jambalaya A spicy Cajun dish of rice and meat jazz Music "born" in New Orleans lowland South Refers to the plantation culture that developed along the rivers Mardi Gras A Louisiana celebration that takes place just before Lent region.

Over time, in Louisiana, the Acadians came to be called Cajuns. Creole translates to “born in the New World.”. You could be white, black, or mixed, but as long as your people.

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